Chrome extension that let's you customize the web!

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WebOverride let's you inject code snippets into any website allowing you to customize it to fit your needs

  • Automatic login
  • hide annoying content
  • create custom shortcuts and so much more...

What does it do?

Using WebOverride you can inject HTML, CSS and JavaScript into any page in the web. You can also import any library you might need from cdnjs.com

Chrome Store

You can download the extension from the chrome store and get updated automatically when updates come out. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/web-override/lllllobkincmdnjfkbknjacacmnlajll

Setup and run locally

  • Clone the project
  • Run bower i the get the components
  • Open Chrome in chrome://extensions/
  • Check Developer Mode
  • Click Load unpacked extension
  • Select the bin folder